Alleged Images from Frank Ocean’s Magazine Have Been Leaked

tumblr_nmete1Zzoc1qdrz3yo2_1280Frank Ocean has been rumoured to have a magazine titled Boys Don’t Cry in the works for some time, dating back since before a Tumblr post on his account from last year displaying two different copies of the magazine and a release date.

Now, more than a year since then, at a time when a Frank Ocean release seems almost imminent, we may finally have seen the first leaked offerings from the upcoming magazine, which is also now rumoured to be part of an app that will be released in addition with his upcoming album release. The leaks come from a relatively small Tumblr account, with nothing more said on the matter besides: “I’m not in the ‘get people fired club’ sorry”.

Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think!


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