Frank Ocean Releases “Endless” Visual Album


Well, I can honestly say I thought we’d never see the day.

Years in the making, months of confusion, viral memes and silence, weeks from when he began assembling what we now know is a spiral staircase on his ‘Endless’ livestream and set the internet ablaze – Frank Ocean has finally dropped a visual album of the same name. Endless is live on Apple Music now, and features 45 minutes of Frank building the staircase, with the songs from the stream playing.

And it’s fucking beautiful.

And if that weren’t enough, it’s also being reported that this isn’t even the album – and that Boys Don’t Cry is an entirely different project that will be releasing on iTunes this weekend.

Stay tuned for reviews of both Endless and (if the rumours are true) Boys Don’t Cry, and hit the jump below to stream Endless on Apple Music now.


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