Watch Frank Ocean Sparkle and Burn in “Nikes”


Nikes, just one of many once-rumoured Frank Ocean tracks that fans have eagerly waited for since snippets of unconfirmed information about them hit the net, has finally been released.

More than a year ago, a behind-the-scenes photo from the music video’s filming was posted on Reddit, explaining that there was to be a new Frank Ocean single titled ‘Nikes’ that was ‘dropping soon’. Now, the song has finally been released, with an accompanying beautiful (yet blatantly Tumblr-fodder) music video. The video is filled with naked women, costumed contortionists, cultist references, fast cars and even an A$AP Rocky cameo – yet primarily, dazzling shots of a make-up and glitter-covered Frank as he sweetly croons (and raps) over some beautiful instrumentation before setting himself on fire.

As the world waits with bated breath for Frank‘s next move, following the release of his Endless visual album and the first offering from the true follow-up to 2011’s channel Orange , check out the video for Nikes below.

Watch “Nikes” posted by Frank Ocean on Apple Music.


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